The VPAM Foundation expresses our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended the 2023 Illuminator’s Gala. We appreciate your support of the Vincent Price Art Museum and look forward to seeing you at the next Gala!

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Silent Auction

Betty Avila

VPAMF proudly announces the Vincent Price Art Museum: Benefit Auction 2023, featuring over 50 works by contemporary artists. All proceeds will go to support VPAM with a percentage going to participating artists whose works have sold.

The silent auction will open at 9:00AM PT on Tuesday, July 18 at this link: and close at 11:00AM PT on Tuesday August 1, 2023

This year’s silent auction is powered by ARTSY with bidding accepted online-only at the ARTSY website or app.

You must register for the Vincent Price Art Museum: Benefit Auction 2023 before you place bids. For more information see the links below:

➤ About ARTSY Auctions
➤ About ARTSY online bidding
➤ How to register for an auction on ARTSY

Current Auction Artist List

Alex Becerra
Alfonso Gonzalez Jr.
Analia Saban
Andy Rios
Anthony Hernandez
Carmen Argote
Carolina Caycedo
Carolyn Castaño
Christina Fernandez
Danie Cansino
Daniela Garcia Hamilton
Devon Tsuno
Edmund Arevalo
Elmer Guevara
Enrique Castrejon
Erick Medel

Ever Velasquez
Jenn Smith
Francesco Siqueiros
Francisco Palomares
George Rodriguez
Guadalupe Rosales
Huntz Liu
Isabel Avila
Jay Bell
Jenn Smith
Jerry Peña
Kristopher Raos
Lari Pittman
Linda Vallejo
Manuel Lopez
Michael Alvarez
Michael Todd
Mika Yokota
Miyo Stevens-Gandara

Narsiso Martinez
Nery Gabriel Lemus
Nick Agayo
noé olivas
Olga Koumoundouros
Patrick Martinez
Peter Wu+
Raul Baltazar
Raúl M. Guerrero
Roy Dowell
Shirley Tse
Soo Kim
Victor Estrada
Vincent Ramos
York Chang

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the pieces you can bid on

Auction opens on July 18

Abstract artwork with fragments of faces, mountains, and buildings

Lari Pittman - Untitled, 2021

White flowers on a black background

Soo Kim - (A waltz melody, faint at first but gradually becoming louder is heard), 2023.

Road runner in the foreground with a jar of pickles and desert scene in the background

Raul Guerrero - Road Runner With Pickle Jar, 2022.

Photo of a corner store

Guadalupe Rosales - Chronis, 2022.

Tiled floor with dirt and crumbs

Carmen Argote - Por la Mañana, 2016.

Mixed media artwork with collages of dollar bills

Carolina Caycedo - DollarsDollars, 2021.